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TWPC Leadership Team

Note:  Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the meetings are currently done online using Zoom.

The Leadership Team meets on the Fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM at The Woodlands Children's Museum, 4775 W Panther Creek Dr #280, The Woodlands, TX 77381 . All Members are invited to attend all LeadershipTeam Meetings. 

Email Joan Tilton for the current location.

2021 Leadership Team

President  - Joan Tilton

Club Vice President – Tom Flink

Annual Contest Chairperson -- Ellen Taylor

Annual Contest co-chair -- Randi Munsey

Treasurer – Amy Butler

Membership  -- Bob Gower

Publicity (External: media, calendars) -- Open

Publicity (Internal: FB, FB Challenge) -- Alicia Kominek

Secretary/Historian – Glenn Siegert

Field Trips   -- Claudia Smith 

Field Trips Alternate  -- Open

Newsletter   -- Janet Bartsch

Workshops & Learning -- Zoraya Stern & Alicia Kominek as Alternate

Slideshow/Mini-Contest Organizers – Mac Rodgers, Zoraya Stern

Zoommaster, Mail Chimp & Photo Shop Instructor -- Tom Flink

WebmasterGlenn Siegert

Hospitality  -- Dahlia Dean

Leadership Team Responsibilities

President – Joan Tilton • The President presides over all meetings of the club including leadership meetings and monthly Club meetings.

• Creates and maintains Club policies in concert with the Leadership Team (LT).

• Schedules-all meetings of the LT.

• Arranges for speakers and guest presenters at membership meetings.

• Votes on matters brought before the LT only when a tie breaker is needed.

• Acts as Club spokesperson to external organizations and the general public;

• Represents the Club with other organizations and affiliates; • Is a signatory on the Club checking account.

• Maintains the LT roster and posts to the Google Drive.

• Maintains a list of speakers along with topics for the monthly Club Meetings and posts the list on Google Drive.

• The following files shall be maintained and posted to Google Drive:

    o TWPC LT Roster 20yy-mm-dd.xlsx

    o TWPC List of Speakers with History.xls

Vice President – Tom Flink

• In the absence of the President, performs all duties of the President.

• Schedules and reserves meeting rooms (physical and virtual) for all membership and board meetings.

• In consultation with the President, represents the Club with other organizations and affiliates.

• Manages the Club’s Zoom account

    o Assists members with technical issues

    o Assists LT members with usage and/or scheduling virtual meetings

• Manages the MailChimp account

    o Maintains subscriber list and subscriber signup forms

    o Works with Membership Chair to keep member emails current and tagged as “Member”

    o Sends out meeting invitations and general emails (all except newsletter)

    o Assists Newsletter Chair

• Follows through on all outstanding issues presented at the monthly LT meetings.

    o Keeps a spreadsheet of the outstanding issues up to date and posted to Google Drive.

• Prepares files to document all of these activities and posted to Google Drive.

Annual Contest Chairperson and Co-Chair – Ellen Taylor & Randi Munsey

• Responsible for the Annual Photo Contest.

• Works with and oversees the Annual Contest Committees to manage budget, rules, venue, acquiring judges, publicity, matting workshop, collection and returning of photo entries, setup, hanging and take-down of photos and awards.

• Provides information to the Webmaster for inclusion into the Website well ahead of the actual event.

• Creates files to document all contest details and publishes the files to the Google Drive.

• The following files shall be maintained and posted to Google Drive:

    o ????

Treasurer – Amy Butler

• Receives, holds and disperses the funds of the club.

• Keeps records of all club finances; is a signatory on the club checking account.

• Keeps day–to day operating funds in a bank account; pays bills/invoices as directed by the President / Vice-President; keeps a written Balance Sheet including all receipts and expenditures as required.

• Provides a monthly balance sheet and checking account statement at the leadership meeting.

• Submits the Treasurer records for audit by two Club members (budget committee) appointed by the Leadership Team. This audit should be completed no later than one week prior to the December Leadership Meeting.

• Meet with the budget committee to create a budget for the upcoming year. This budget is then discussed and approved by the LT.

• Maintain the budget during the year.

• Check the PO Box periodically for mail (bank statements and dues checks)

• The following files shall be maintained by the Treasurer:

    o TWPC_2019 Ledger.xlsx

    o ???

Membership Coordinator - Bob Gower (Kathy Craven will replace Bob in March)

• Collects and keeps records of all memberships up to date.

• Is responsible for the members name tags.

• Keeps track of attendance at meetings.

• Updates the Mailchimp directory with information for new members.

• Welcomes and orients new members to the club operation and corresponds with visitors who attend Club meetings.

• Provides a monthly update at the Leadership meeting on membership results.

• Works with the treasurer to collect monies for club membership.

• Along with other Administrators, approves or denies requests for access to the Clubs private Facebook page.

    o The following files shall be maintained and posted to Google Drive: ????

Publicity (External: media, calendars) Person – Open

• The Coordinator is responsible for all Communications, Publicity, and Promotion of the club with social media, local organizations, and businesses.

Publicity (Internal: Facebook, FB Challenge) Person - Alicia Kominek

• Responsible for internal social media communications, including keeping our Facebook site up to date.

• Preparing the list of upcoming monthly Facebook Challenges and includes posting a slide presentation of the previous months entries to the Facebook Challenge.

Secretary/Historian – Glenn Siegert

• Documents the leadership meetings, including time, location, attendance, and minutes of meetings. All actions decided at the leadership meetings shall be included in detail in the minutes from these meetings.

• Emails all meeting minutes to each leadership member within a week of each meeting for approval.

• Publishes the final minutes within the second week after the board meeting is held.

• Updates the monthly Club Meeting History file. This file includes the meeting date, time, winner of the Mini-Contest, the program speaker and the topic of the presentation.

• Archives and publishes the notes to the Club online storage (Google Drive). The monthly report will be saved to the Google Drive in two formats, Microsoft Word and PDF. The combined file, which includes all past meetings, need only be stored as a Word file on Google Drive.

• The following files shall be maintained and posted to Google Drive:

    o TWPC LT Notes 202y-mm-dd.docx (date revises each month)

    o TWPC LT Notes History Complete.docx

    o TWPC Club Meeting History.xlsx

Field Trips Coordinator – Claudia Smith

• Responsible for the organization of Club field trips. This includes informing the membership of trip details, signup, collecting fees (for field trips) if necessary, providing driving instructions, and any pertinent information the members may need to know.

• Keeps records of all field trips including destination, date, time, fees if applicable, and attendance. The files are posted to the Google Drive.

• Provides information to the Newsletter Coordinator and the Webmaster for inclusion into the Newsletter and the Website well ahead of the actual event.

• The following files shall be maintained and posted to Google Drive:

    o TWPC Field Trip Log.xlsx

Newsletter Coordinator – Janet Bartsch

• Responsible for developing and distributing to all members a monthly newsletter of club activities and plans, as well as other notices when needed.

• Maintains contact with all leadership members to collect all news of interest for the monthly mail out.

• Keeps a record of all current and past Newsletters and posts this file to the Google Drive.

• Posts the monthly Newsletter to all members emails.

• Provides a special copy of the Newsletter to the Webmaster for inclusion on the Club Website.

• The following files shall be maintained and posted to Google Drive:

    o TWPC Newsletter Mailchimp Links for History.xlsx

Workshops & Learning – Zoraya Stern & Alicia Kominek as Alternate

• Coordinates 4 Workshops, 1 quarterly in a calendar year. Decides on topic and arranges for instructors, location, dates and time.

• Coordinates 4 Photo Walks (on location group practice session), 1 quarterly in a calendar year. Decides on topic and arranges location, date and time.

• Coordinates 3 Photo Critiques with past judges, 1 quarterly in a calendar year except in the 4th quarter when the Annual Contest would take place.

• Coordinates monthly Photo Deconstructions (behind the scenes sharing) presented by members in the club.

• Posts links with educational content on TWPC FB page weekly.

• Any fees shall be collected via the TWPC paypal.

• Keeps a record of each workshop location, date, time, fees (if applicable), and attendance. and

• Provides information to the Webmaster for inclusion into the Website and to the Newsletter Coordinator well ahead of the actual event.

• Prepares a worksheet for Workshops and another for Learnings that includes attendance, location, date, time and fees (if applicable).

• Posts these files to Google Drive for permanent club records.

• The following files shall be maintained and posted to Google Drive:

    o Workshops ???? o Learnings ????

Slideshow/Mini-Contest Organizers – Mac Rogers, Zoraya Stern

• Responsible for the collection and presentation of photos for the monthly slideshow and mini contest, including setup of equipment prior to the club meetings and management of the voting for the mini-contest. (The Secretary/Historian includes the name of the winner of each monthly Mini-Contest in the Club Meeting History file.)

• Responsible for publishing on the club’s online galleries the monthly slideshows, the monthly mini-contest entries, and the annual photo contest entries. Responsible for posting monthly reminders and announcement of mini-contest winners to the club’s Facebook page.

Zoommaster, Mail Chimp & PhotoShop Instructor -- Tom Flink

• Prepares all equipment and sends out invitations and reminders to the Zoom meetings.

• Creates subroutines to better utilize the MailChimp capabilities.

• Teaches PhotoShop to small classes.

• Prepares files to document all of these activities and posts to the Google Drive.

• The following files shall be maintained and posted to Google Drive:

    o ????

Webmaster – Glenn Siegert

• The Webmaster receives information for the website from the other Leadership Team members (President, field trips, workshops, learnings, newsletter, FB Challenge, President) and develops and maintains all information on the website.

• The Webmaster keeps the website up to date and current.

Hospitality Coordinator – Dahlia Dean

• Coordinates snacks for monthly meetings and for the Annual Contest.

• Issues sign-up requests to members and confirms adequate coverage for each event.

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