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TWPC Leadership Team

The Board meets on the Last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 Pm at Jason’s Deli, 1340 Lake Woodlands Dr. The Woodlands, Texas 77380. All Members are invited to attend any and all board meetings.

Email Ellen Taylor at for the current location.

2018 Leadership Team

President – ELLEN TAYLOR

Vice President – JOHN O'BRIEN

Treasurer – AMY BUTLER

Secretary/Historian – GLENN SIEGERT

Field Trips Coordinator- CLAUDIA SMITH

Workshops Coordinator- ALICIA KOMINEK

Newsletter Coordinator - CHARLOTTE MILLER

Slideshow/Mini-Contest Organizer – MAC RODGERS

Slideshow/Mini-Contest Organizer Assistant – ZORAYA STERN


Events/Publicity/Promotions -  NATALIE SWEECK

Hospitality Coordinator JOAN TILTON and  DAHLIA DEAN

Leadership Team Responsibilities

President: The President will preside over all meetings of the club including board meetings and monthly membership meetings. Will schedule all meetings of the board. Will arrange for speakers and guests presenters at membership meetings. When necessary, the president will only vote on matters when a tie breaker is needed. The President will be a signature on the Club checking account.

Vice President: In the absence of the President, the Vice Presidents will perform all duties of the President. Will schedule and reserve meeting rooms for all membership and board meetings.

Treasurer: Will keep record of all club finances. Will be a signature on the club checking account. Will collect and keep records of all memberships. Keep track of attendance at meetings, record the winners of contests, and record the dates, coordinator and attendance for field trips and workshops….

Secretary/Historian: will document the board meetings, including time, location, attendance, and minutes of meetings. All actions decided at the board meetings should be included in detail in the minutes of board meetings. All minutes should be emailed to each board member within a week of each meeting for approval and final minutes published within the second week after the board meeting is held. All minutes should be archived and published to the website. A “notebook” or handbook should be maintained by the Secretary. This Notebook may be in electronic form or hardcopy or both and contain all the basics for club activities and operations. Details for the MadMimi account, the website operations, the SmugMug account, and financial accounting should all be included in this notebook. This Notebook should be accessible by the President, Vice President and Secretary and should be turned over to new board members when a new board takes over operations.

Events/ Publicity/ Promotions: The coordinator will be responsible for all Communications, Publicity, and Promoting of the club working with social media local organizations,and businesses promoting the work of our club.

Field Trip Coordinator: This Coordinator will be responsible for the overseeing of organizing field trips of the club. This will include informing the membership of trip details, collecting fees (for field trips) if necessary, providing driving instructions, and any pertinent information the members may need to know. They will also keep record of field trip destination, date, time, fees if applicable, and attendance. The field trip coordinator will turn this info over to the secretary for permanent records.

Newsletter Coordinator: This Coordinator will be responsible for developing a monthly newsletter and mailing out to the news to all members monthly or when special news arises. The coordinator will be in contact with all board members to collect all news worthy for the monthly mail out.

Workshop Coordinator: This coordinator will arrange for all workshops of the club. They will arrange for the instruction, the place, and the time and will collect al fees needed to run the workshop. They will also keep record of Workshops location, date, time, fees if applicable, and attendance. The Workshop coordinator will turn this info over to the secretary for the permanent records.

Webmaster: The webmaster will work on and maintain all information on the website. The webmaster will be responsible to keep the website up to date and current.

Hospitality Coordinator: Will coordinate snacks for monthly meetings and for the Fall Contest. This should be done by asking members to sign-up to bring snacks.

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