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2019 Fall Contest - October 19

2019 Winners

Amy Butler - 1st Place - People

Amy Butler - 1st Place - People

Swim Team Shenanigans

2019 Contest Galleries

Monthly Mini-Contests

Up to two photographs per member may be entered into the mini-contest each month.

Upload your entries using the following link (PAID MEMBERS ONLY PLEASE): .  

The deadline for entries is Midnight on the Friday prior to the monthly meeting. No late entries will be accepted.

The file names should contain the word  “mini” plus a sequence number, such as mini-01.jpg. Your name will be added as part if the upload process.

Click here for more instructions, or paste this into your web browser URL window.

2020 Mini Contest Themes

January:  Arranged Objects

February:  Pets

March:  Patterns

April:  Smart Phone / Point&Shoot

May:  Wet

June:  Backyard

2021 Mini Contest Themes: 

January 2021: Sleep

July : Monochrome

August:  Dry

September:  Energy

October:  No Mini Contest

November:  Purple

December:  Joy

2019 Mini Contests

2020 Annual Fall Photo Contest

Once a year, members are invited to participate in a professionally judged photo contest.   Note that the rules and other resources  available here were valid for the 2019 Contest, but may be revised for the 2020 Contest. Rules and requirements are expected to be finalized in early 2020.

Black & White:  TBD

People:  TBD

Nature:   TBD

Technique:  TBD

Wild Card:   2020 Field-trips and Workshops

New Members (joined in 2018 or 2019):  TBD

Open:   Any theme

Digital manipulation:  Anything

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