The Woodlands Photography Club


2021 Annual Photo Contest

Once a year, members are invited to participate in a professionally judged photo contest.   

For Complete Rules and Submital Requirements, select  buttons below.

2021 Annual Contest Categories

Open Categories:

Black & White (Black, White, Shades of Gray and no other color)

Portraiture (includes People and/or Pets)

Landscapes (also includes Cityscapes and Seascapes)

Open:  No restrictions on subject matter

Creative Digital Manipulation:  Photos with major digital manipulation

Themed Categories:

Technique:  Film Noir (Moody, Dark and Dramatic. Can contain Color)

New Members:  Water

Wild Card:  Street Photography

For Examples of each of these categories click the Button Below titled Photo Category Examples.

For questions please contact Ellen Taylor or Randalyn Munsey at

2020 Annual Contest - October 24

A Look At The 2020 Show

2020 Annual Contest Galleries

Monthly Mini-Contests

Up to two photographs per member may be entered into the mini-contest each month.

Upload your entries using the following link (PAID MEMBERS ONLY PLEASE): .  

The deadline for entries is Midnight on the Friday prior to the monthly meeting. No late entries will be accepted.

The file names should contain the word  “mini” plus a sequence number, such as mini-01.jpg. Your name will be added as part if the upload process.

Click here for more instructions

2021 Mini Contest Themes

January : Sleep

February :  Hands

March:  Texas

April:  Tiny

May:  Five

June:  Silhouettes

July:  Sunshine

August:  Gateways

September:  Motion

October:  No Mini-Contest

November:  Poses

December:  Sports

January 2022:  Time

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