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***Please note our meeting location will change beginning January 2019.   The club's new meeting location will be at The Glade Cultural Center,  2000 Woodlands Pkwy, The Woodlands, TX 77380.  On January 14, 2019 we will begin meeting  at our new meeting place with a new start time. 

At our meetings we have various speakers to discuss styles of photography, techniques, the business of photography, photographic equipment and services. We also have a monthly Mini Contest and a Share & Learn Slideshow as well as time for field trip and workshop updates, a brief "Tech Corner" and socializing.

Contribute to the club! Is there a subject or speaker that you would like to see at the meeting? Contact The Leadership Team with your comments and suggestions.


For all information go to the Contests Page

Dahlia Dean - Winner


Every month at our meetings, members may submit a selection of photos (up to 5 photos) to share with the group.  This helps us understand each other's photographic interests and learn about our travels and experiences.  


Periodically, members gather to travel near and far to explore photogenic events and locales in the area.  We are always amazed at the variety of perspectives and interpretations that our members produce!


Need some inspiration? New ideas of what to explore in your photography? The monthly club challenge offers a new opportunity to all Club members; to motivate, practice, get inspired and inspire others with our work! 

How to participate:

Any member can participate in the monthly Club Challenge posting up to 3 photos according to the monthly subject.

Where and How do I send the photos:

You are invited to post your photos on the TWPC Facebook page with the title “Club Challenge-(current month)

How long does every challenge last?

Every Challenge starts the 2nd day of each month and expires the last day of the month.

Showcase presentation: The Club Challenge Showcase Presentation will be created with all the photos submitted and will be published on Facebook page the 1st day of the following Month.  Click the links below to view the Showcase Videos!

2019 Facebook Monthly Challenges:

February – States of Water

March – Backlit Portraits

April – Double Exposure

May – Doors and Windows

June – Candid Moments

July – Cars and Bikes

August – Modern Architecture

September – Nature in Macro

October – Night Street Photography

November – Light Painting

December – This is me (Not portrait or self-portrait, be creative!)

Challenges for 2019 are based on Suggestions submitted by  Club members.


From time to time the club conducts workshops on various photographic skills and techniques such as light painting, macro photography, night photography, portrait lighting and post processing. More coming soon!  Please check the calendar for currently scheduled workshops.

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