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December 14, 2020 Club Meeting (via Zoom)

All TWPC Members and Future Members Welcome!  

TWPC Members!

Wow! 2020 has sure been an interesting year for our world, our country, city and club!  We all were (and still are) affected by so many many changes in our lives due to COVID-19! Fortunately, we continued to learn and grow as a club and go forward! Our meetings continued via Zoom and our Annual Photography Contest was a fabulous virtual success! Thank you all for your participation and help!!

Now, during our December meeting, we begin to plan ahead!  The meeting will focus on what you want from your club!  What do you want/need to learn, what topics would you like for our contests and challenges? Where would you like to go 'safely' on our field trips? And, what subjects would you like our guest speakers to cover? Join our Zoom meeting on Monday, December 14 (look for the link in your email!) ready to share your ideas and your photos, learn a little, and by all means have some fun! Be safe until then!

Joan Tilton

Time:  6:45 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom.

Please join us for our 7th Virtual Monthly Club Meeting via Zoom. The Zoom session will begin at 6:45 pm and the meeting will kick-off at 7:00 pm.

We welcome guests to our meetings. For information on how to join the meeting, please contact Tom Flink at

Mini-Contest and Share & Learn

(paid members only please)

Submission Deadline for both: 11:59 PM Friday, Friday December  11.

Mini-Contest - The topic for December’s Mini Contest is "Joy".  Upload up to 2 high resolution jpeg images with “Mini” in the file name.  Remember to remove your "watermarks" from all submitted photos.

Share & Learn - Upload up to 5 high resolution jpeg images with “Slide” and a sequence number in the file name (Slide-1, Slide-2, etc.)  Watermarks are OK for slides.• Where:

Featured Speaker

We will not have a speaker in the December Meeting.  We will be discussing Club activities for 2021.

How to Set-Up ZOOM

Please make sure you know how to get into Zoom and set up your webcam and audio before the meeting. We won't be able to address any issues you may have during the meeting. Desktop/laptop is the preferred way to attend the meeting, but smartphones/tablets can also work.

Here are some helpful video tutorials to configure and test your Zoom configuration:

Joining & Configuring Audio & Video

Testing computer or device audio

How Do I Test My Video?

Note:  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, "In person" meetings have been  cancelled.  We will let everyone know when we are able to meet again Face to Face.

2020 Fall Contest Photos and Winners

Special Announcement: The 2020 Annual Fall Contest photos are now posted on the "Galleries Page" .  A video of the Judges' presentation of the winners is currently available for viewing on YouTube.  Just go to and search for The Woodlands Photography Club.

Current Monthly FaceBook Challenges

Need some inspiration? New ideas of what to explore in your photography? The monthly Club Challenge offers a new opportunity to practice, get inspired, and inspire others by sharing your amazing work. All members can participate in posting up to 3 photos on TWPC Facebook page according to the monthly subject, with the correspondent #tag (copy and paste). Every Challenge starts on the first days of the month and ends on the last day. The Showcase Presentation will be created with a minimum of 4 participants and will be published on Facebook in the first week of the following month. 

Thank you so much!

The  Facebook Challenge for November is:  #Food Photography.

For Details on how to participate in the  Monthly Facebook Challenge click HERE to go to the Club Activities Page and look for the Heading "Monthly Facebook Challenge".

Upcoming Field Trips

November "Stay-at-Home" Field Trip is "The Colors of Autumn". 

A continued Thank You to everyone who has been participating in and supporting our ‘stay at home’ field trips.  I hope you all enjoyed the Annual Photo Contest in October!  Since our COVID-19 numbers are on the rise again and we still are a bit uncomfortable gathering in larger groups, we will do our seventh Stay at Home field trip during the month of November.

 I don't necessarily mean the changing of tree colors since we don't see that down here until December or even January sometimes.   I'm thinking more like fall flowers/plants that have color this time of year, pumpkins and gourds of various varieties,  Thanksgiving decoration and holiday recipes that have those fall colors.  Of course if any of our members are in areas of the beautiful changing of tree colors, that would be great too.  The photos can be taken anywhere you feel comfortable continuing to practice our social distancing – inside or outside.  So if you’re feeling a bit restless, go out and explore the beautiful fall colors that do appear in our area.  You may not have to go far.  To show that you have participated in this field trip post at least one (1) photo by or on the last day of November to our club Facebook page with the hashtag #ColorsofAutumn.  All of your Colors of Autumn themed photos taken during the month of November will be eligible for entry in the 2021 Annual Photo Contest if you choose, so I will keep a list of those who participate.  There is no fee for this field trip so I hope everyone will go out and take a new look at the fall colors. I’m looking forward to seeing some fun and creative photos.

Have Fun! Claudia

Colors of Autum

  • Untitled photo

Upcoming Workshops & Learning

Stay tuned for a specific day and time in January 2021 for our first PHOTO DECONSTRUCTION!  Each month we will have a member share a photo and show us their "behind the scenes", talk about lighting, camera gear used, challenges faced, post processing used, etc and then open it up for Q&A/discussion.

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