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Next Club Meeting

All TWPC Members!

I hope all of our members and families are staying healthy and no one has gotten the Covid-19 Virus!  The May 11 Monthly meeting was done online using Zoom and was well attended.  The June 8 meeting will also be done online using Zoom.  

The Woodlands Photography Club - June 8 Meeting (in Zoom)

Time: June 8, 2020 6:45 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom.

Please join us for our second Virtual Monthly Club Meeting via Zoom. The Zoom session will begin at 6:45 pm and the meeting will kick-off at 7:00 pm.

Advanced registration for this meeting is required. A registration link and details will be sent to club members via email and in the Club June Newsletter on June 1.

We welcome guests to our meetings. For information on how to join the meeting, please contact Tom Flink at

Mini-Contest, Share and Learn – Submission of Entries (paid members only please)

• Deadline: 11:59 PM Friday June 5.

• Mini-Contest - Theme is "Backyard".  Upload up to 2 high resolution jpeg images with “Mini” in the file name.  Remember to remove your "watermarks" from all submitted photos.

• Share & Learn - Upload up to 5 high resolution jpeg images with “Slide” and a sequence number in the file name (Slide-1, Slide-2, etc.)  Watermarks are OK for slides.

• Where:

Featured Speaker

Our speaker for the June 8 meeting will be Nikola Olic and the topic is Structural Photography.  This should be a very interesting program.

IMPORTANT!! - Using Zoom and testing your computer setup.

Please make sure you know how to get into Zoom and set up your webcam and audio before the meeting. We won't be able to address any issues you may have during the meeting. Desktop/laptop is the preferred way to attend the meeting, but smartphones/tablets can also work.

Here are some helpful video tutorials to configure and test your Zoom configuration:

Joining & Configuring Audio & Video

Testing computer or device audio

How Do I Test My Video?

We look forward to “seeing” everyone online and hope you have been busy and safe at home. TWPC

Please watch for information via emails, our TWPC Facebook page, and TWPC Website about the following:  Fieldtrip News, Workshop Updates, "Photo Stories", Fall Contest Possible Changes, and Speakers! 

Thank you all very much for helping us all enjoy and advance our knowledge of Photography. 'See' you on June 8 at 7pm (on Zoom)!!

Joan Tilton and TWPC Leadership Team

DATE Monday, June 8, 2020 

Note:  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this "In person" meeting has been cancelled.  It will now be done online using Zoom.

TIME: 6:30-9:00 pm

LOCATION: Glade Arts Foundation, 2000 Woodlands Parkway

REGISTRATIONS:  Membership / Field-trips / Workshops

MINI CONTEST:  June Theme -  "Backyard"  Entries must be submitted no later than Friday April 10  at 11:59 PM at this link:

Voting closes at 6:55 pm


Our speaker for the June 8 meeting will be Nikola Olic and the topic is Structural Photography.  This should be a very interesting program.

SHARE & LEARN: Members may submit up to 5 photos no later than 11:59 pm on Friday, June 5, at this link:

Click here for more instructions.

Current Facebook Monthly Challenge

Date: May 1-31 , 2020

Theme:  Animals & Insects (color)

Registration: Open to club  members only. You can submit up to 3 photos.

Description: have from the 1st of each month to the 30th or 31st of the same month to post your pictures to the Clubs Facebook page. Don't forget to mention the challenge in your submitted post. Have fun! practice and share your results! Send your suggestions for the following Challenges! Club Challenge monthly slideshow will be posted only on Facebook.

Hashtag on Facebook:  #animals&insects 

Upcoming Field Trips

Stay-at-Home Monthly Field Trips (till the pandemic is over)

Our first Stay at Home field trip was quite a success! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Stay-at-Home Field Trip No.2 for May.  Since we still are not able to gather in larger groups, we will do a 2nd Stay at Home field trip during the month of May. The theme for this field trip will be Mirror, Mirror. Some of us may feel safe enough to venture out more and farther away from our home. So the photos can be taken anywhere you feel comfortable continuing to practice our social distancing – inside or outside. A mirror must be at least partially visible in the photo along with its reflection. You must use a mirror of some kind – not a reflection from any other medium. The photos can be taken all through the month of May.

Stay-at-Home Field Trip No.3  for June.  ‘Here we are for one more ‘stay at home’ field trip. Thank you to everyone who has been participating. Since we still are not able to gather in larger groups, we will do a 3rd Stay at Home field trip during the month of June. The theme for this field trip will be Scavenger Hunt.  Please see the Activities Page for more information.

Upcoming Workshops


This workshop will be limited to only 6 participants and will be done online using Zoom.  The program has also been modified to cover more detail in PhotoShop and will be done on two successive Saturdays.  The first class (in May) was a great success. 

This workshop will provide an introduction to Photoshop (overall view and user interface), followed by basic tasks (opening files, arranging photos, navigating, making selections, working with layers and masks), and culminating in a class project to create a composite image using these skills.

Check the CALENDAR for more details, or use the CONTACT link to request more information.

Light Painting Workshop

Details for this very fun workshop are forthcoming.  

TWPC Fall Photo Contests

To see our 2019 Fall Contest entries and our winners go to our Galleries or click here.

The revised rules for the 2020 Fall Contest will be available at the February Club meeting.

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