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Please see the Latest TWPC Newsletter for detailed information for all Club Activities.  Click HERE to go to the Newsletter page.



Currently monthly meetings are held on ZOOM.

We encourage guests to join our monthly meetings.  At our meetings we have various speakers to discuss styles of photography, techniques, the business of photography, photographic equipment and services. We also have a monthly Mini Contest and a Share & Learn Slideshow as well as time for field trip and workshop updates, and socializing.

Contribute to the club! Is there a subject or speaker that you would like to see at the meeting? Contact The Leadership Team with your comments and suggestions.

How to Set-Up ZOOM

Please make sure you know how to get into Zoom and set up your webcam and audio before the meeting. We won't be able to address any issues you may have during the meeting. Desktop/laptop is the preferred way to attend the meeting, but smartphones/tablets can also work. Here are some helpful video tutorials to configure and test your Zoom configuration:

Joining & Configuring Audio & Video

Testing computer or device audio

How Do I Test My Video?


Each Month, members may submit two photos related to the theme for that month.  The members at the monthly meeting will then vote for the picture that best represents the theme for the month.

For additional information, click this link to the Contests Page.

Click on the "photo to the right" to see all Mini-Contest entries.

For updated information on Mini-Contests in the Current Newsletter click HERE.


Every month at our meetings, members may submit a selection of photos (up to 5 photos) to share with the group.  A brief description of each photo is encouraged and allowed.  This helps us understand each other's photographic interests and learn about our travels and experiences.

Click on the "photo to the right" to see previous monthly Share and Learn entries. 

For updated information on "Share & Learn" in the Current Newsletter click HERE.


Periodically, members gather to travel near and not to far to explore photogenic events and locales in the area.  We are always amazed at the variety of perspectives and interpretations that our members produce!  Please click HERE to see the latest Field Trip information on the latest Club Newsletter. 

To see photos of previous Field Trips, click on the Galleries Page.

  • Amy Butler
  • Dennis Chernov
  • Gary Readore - 3rd Place


Need some inspiration? New ideas of what to explore in your photography?  The monthly club challenge offers a new opportunity every month to all Club members to explore something different.  These challenges will to motivate you to practice, get inspired and inspire others! with our work! 

Any member can participate in the monthly Club Challenge posting up to 3 photos according to the monthly theme.  You are invited to post your photos on the TWPC Facebook page with the title “# (monthly topic)".  The Club Challenge Showcase Presentation will be created with all the photos submitted and will be published on the TWPC Facebook page the first week  of the following Month. Please send your suggestions for the future Challenges!

2021 FaceBook Challenges:

January: Reflections

February: One Color

March: Interior Design Photography

April: Water, Earth, Fire, Air

May: My fav Technique

June: Minimalistic (Black and white only)

July: From Above or Bellow (Low angle or High angle)

August: Sky Photography

September: Humans (Journalist Photography)

October: Free (no Challenge this month due to Annual Contest)

November: Shot for Advertising

December: My accomplished photographs


For detailed information on Workshops and Learnings, please see the Monthly Newsletter.

Workshops will be offered quarterly on various photographic skills and techniques such as light painting, macro photography, night photography, portrait lighting and post processing.

Photo Critiques will be quarterly on ZOOM.  We will have the opportunity to upload photos and practice discerning the photographs' merits using the 12 elements of a merit photograph provided by PPA (The Professional Photographers of America). 

Photo Walks will also be quarterly but in person somewhere in our local Woodlands area to explore photographing a specific technique with fellow members.

Photo Deconstructions are offered monthly!  Join us on ZOOM as one of our members shares a specific photograph and all the "behind-the scenes" of what it took to create that photograph.


Due to the Pandemic,  the rules for the 2021 Annual Contest were amended to allow the Contest to proceed without a face to face meeting.  We are hoping to be able to do away with the Zoom  Contest and go back to the face to face exhibition.  Please see the Contests Page for additional information.

To visit our previous Annual Contest entries and winners go to the Galleries Page or click HERE.

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