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Chris Summers

Chris Summers

Thank you to Mac Rodgers for creating this slideshow of the August Mini-Contest.  Congratulations to Joan Tilton for her winning image. 

TWPC Members! Finally, September is here with the promise of cooler weather!

Let’s take a minute to look back over the year (so far) at our photography and the opportunities we’ve had to get together (outside!), share our photos, take part in our FaceBook challenge, and hear great speakers at our club meetings. We’ve also had many chances to learn, go on field trips and photo walks, attend workshops and photo deconstructions! And of course, practice, practice and practice!

Now it is time for our Annual Contest. The contest is for you to show your favorite photos and your best work and hear what professional judges have to say. This is a fun time of the year when we get to see our fellow photographers’ best shots in the different categories! It is always amazing how we all see the world a little differently!

The Annual Contest is our way of supporting our club, helping one another learn and grow. Also, it is our way of showing the community what The Woodlands Photography Club is all about at the Gallery Open House!

Check the Annual Contest’s rules, categories, dates and details for entry information on our website. We all look forward to seeing your entries this year!

Joan, Tom, and your Leadership Team


September 13, 2021

7 pm Central Time

via Zoom

The Zoom session will begin at 6:45 pm and the meeting will kick-off at 7:00 pm.

Zoom details and link are in the TWPC Newsletter email. Just click on that link and you will be directed to the meeting.  We will send you a reminder email with this information on the day of the meeting.

Guest Speaker

Photography has been a passion of Mike Schaffner’s for over 45 years! Mike doesn’t have a particular style of photography due to his low boredom threshold and doesn’t want to be constrained by a particular style. However, he does have a preference for black and white images as he finds them more expressive but not to the exclusion of color.

Mike edits his images to convey to the viewer the spirit of what he saw and felt about the scene rather than documenting the scene journalistically. Mike has very little formal training and finds that photography clubs are a great resource and learning opportunity.

He belongs to 3 clubs now: The Woodlands Photography Club, The Woodlands Camera Club and Stony Brook Camera Club in Franklin, MA. He leads the Critique SIG (Special Interest Group) at The Woodlands Camera Club and a senior critique on In addition, he is the co-leader of the Composition SIG or The Art of Seeing at The Woodlands Camera Club. Mike invites everyone to join him at these meetings.

His favorite saying is: “I’m sometimes right, often wrong, ub never in doubt!” tonight Mike will present on ""Secondary Subjects - Complementary or Distracting?"


TWPC Annual Contest Important dates

The rules for the 2021 Annual Contest have been emailed to all members and have been posted to the TWPC website on the contest page. If you have any questions regarding the 2021 Annual Contest rules please email Ellen and Randi at . They will be happy to help you out.


You need some inspiration? New ideas of what to explore in your photography?  The monthly Facebook Challenges offers a new opportunity to practice, get inspired, and inspire others by sharing your work.

All members can participate in posting up to 3 photos on TWPC Facebook page, according to the monthly subject, with the correspondent #tag. Every Challenge starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day.  The Showcase Presentation will be created with a minimum of 4 participants and will be published on Facebook the first week of the following month.

Untitled photo

The following are a few of the entries from the

August 2021 Challenge:

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Photographers From Left to Right: Ananda Kite, Ellen Taylor, Glen Seigert, Kathryn LeRoy, Oscar Valbuena, Richard Chesney and Richard Yzaguirre 


Buffalo Bayou Boat Tour

Allen's Landing, TX

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Fee: Full

Untitled photo

The WPC September 2021 field trip is to the Buffalo Bayou Boat Tour at Allen's Landing in Houston, TX on Saturday , September 11, 2021.

This field trip is full. An email has been sent to all who have signed up for this trip with details for meeting and parking. If you have signed up and have not received that email, please contact me at

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email me also at

Looking forward to seeing you on this trip! 

Claudia Smith



Next one will be in October!

Photo Walks

Saturday, September 18, 9 - 12pm

Wildlife / Focus on Shutter Speed

Glade Arts Foundation – Outdoor Grounds

In August we gathered for a workshop to explore our camera settings. We seemed to mostly focus on aperture and depth of field. So, to continue our practice of camera settings, we will focus on shutter speed and practice wildlife photography at the small lake behind the Glade Arts Foundation in The Woodlands. Lookout for the TWPC Facebook Event for more details.

Photo Deconstructions

Monday, September 27

Carlos Hernandez

via Zoom

(see email or Facebook Event for Zoom Link & Details)

Join us this month with Carlos Hernandez who will share invaluable information on photographing hummingbirds! 

Hope to see you on ZOOM!

Untitled photo

Last month Pedro showed us how to practice bird photography in our own backyard and no fuss quick edits! Remember to give it a try and then post your results on Facebook with #photodeconstruction

Untitled photo



September Contest Theme


Deadline:  Friday, September 10, 11:59pm

VOTING will be the same as our last virtual meeting. About 24 hours before the meeting (Sunday evening), we will send out a MailChimp meeting reminder. This reminder will contain two Mini-Contest links: one that will lead you to the online gallery where you can view the entries and decide your favorite; and another link that will lead you to an online ballot where you can vote for your favorite. Balloting will remain open until 6:45 pm Monday. The winner will be announced during the virtual meeting.

Submission of entries for our AUGUST VIRTUAL MEETING will be EXACTLY THE SAME as for our live meetings: Remember to remove your "watermarks" from all submitted photos. You upload high-resolution jpeg images (up to 2 per member) with the word “Mini” in the file name, by clicking on this link and following instructions:


Deadline:  Friday, September, 10 11:59pm

Max Photos: 4

Submission of entries for the AUGUST SHARE & LEARN will be similar to previous meetings:  you can upload high-resolution jpeg images with the word “Slide” and a sequence number (Slide-1, Slide-2, etc) in the file name, by clicking on this link and following instructions:

As usual, we will present a slide show near the end of the virtual meeting, and you will have the opportunity to tell us about your images. Here is last month's Share and Learn slide show.

For questions contact Mac Rodgers at



For information and to join The Woodlands Photography Club, click the link below to go to the Membership Page. 

Our Club Thrives Because Of The Efforts of Our Volunteers!

To meet The Woodlands Photography Club Leadership Team click the link below.

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