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Robert Boetticcher

Robert Boetticcher

December Mini-Contest Slideshow

Welcome to 2023!

Hopefully you have recovered from the holidays and are looking forward to a fantastic 2023!

The December meeting was fantastic, and your participation was greatly appreciated. We have a long list of ideas on programs that will have a big impact on shaping future club activities.

For 2023, we have a few changes in the Leadership Team. Darryl Scearce and Tom Flink will serve as co-presidents along with some of our long-standing members taking different roles in the team. However, we still have a couple of key roles to fill. Open roles include Vice-President and Learning Coordinator. These are important and rewarding roles. If you are looking for a way to be more involved and get to know your fellow club members, this is your chance.

Below is the 2023 TWPC Leadership Team:

Co-President – Tom Flink

Co-President – Darryl Scearce

Vice-President –

Treasurer – Amy Butler

Secretary – Glenn Siegert

Membership – John Small

Annual Contest – Randi Munsey

Speaker Coordinator – Joan Tilton

Field Trips – Claudia Smith, John Small

Photo Walks – Richard Yzaguirre

Learning Coordinator –

Newsletter – Janet Bartsch

Webmaster – Mac Rodgers

Publicity – Kathy Craven

Facebook Challenges – Alicia Kominek

Slideshow/Mini-Contest – Glenn Siegert

Photo Discussion Group – Mike Schaffner

Please look at our January activities in the newsletter below. We’re off to a great start!

Happy New Year!

Tom and Darryl



7 pm Central Time

The Glade

2000 Woodlands Pkwy, The Woodlands, TX 77380

That’s right, we will continue to meet at The Glade. After discussions with The Glade management team, we have decided to continue our wonderful association and are grateful for their generous support of the club. We look forward to another great year meeting in this wonderful facility.

Speaker: Derrick Birdsall - Curator/Photographer Sam Houston Memorial Museum

Derrick will be presenting on Texas Parks, Near and Far. As you might remember Derrick was a judge for our Annual Contest this past year. We look forward to learning more about photography and the opportunities parks have to offer us in our home state.


Painterly Florals


You can submit up to four photos, add the #tag to your post.

Have fun and share your results!


1) Any member can participate with up to 4 photos.

2) The correspondent # tag by COPY/PASTE from every challenge must be included in your post.

3) Only photos will be included in the showcase (but videos are highly appreciated it!)

4) The subject of the Challenge must be shown in the photos.

5) Challenge ends last day of every month.

6) The showcase will be created with a minimum of 4 participants.

7) Only 4 of your submitted photos will be chosen for the showcase.

8)😎 The watermark or photographer's name must be included to show your credits in the Showcase.

9) Every January the photographer participating in most of the challenges will be awarded a digital certificate of recognition.

10) Have FUN! Practice and share your results.

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No field trip this month. Look out for information on our next trip in February.


TWPC Photography Discussion Group

Tuesday, January 17th

7PM via Zoom

Our first meeting of the Photography Discussion Group is coming soon! Watch for details on email and Facebook.

The Photo Discussion Group (PDG) is a way to grow as photographer and artist by discussing such things as articles about the nature of photography or studying iconic photographs to learn what makes them so good. This is not a lecture class but a discussion group.

With full participation by all, we will learn from each other. We’ll learn to view photography from a different perspective and to question our own pre-conceived notions. We will be learning about the nature of photography rather than about its technical aspects. Accordingly, we’ll avoid discussion on equipment, technique and post-processing. Prior to each meeting all participants are expected to do a homework assignment. This assignment may be reading an article or reviewing some iconic photos. These assignments should normally not take more than 15 minutes to complete.

Important: Be sure to sign up for the Group email list to be notified of all the details (dates, times, Zoom link, and “homework” assignment). You can set your preference to be a part of this email list by signing up here.

“Cheers to the New Year” Workshop

Saturday, January 28th

George & Cynthia Woods Mitchell Library

9:30 AM – Class should end around noon

Equipment Requirements:

DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

Fully charged flash or pop-up flash

Memory Card

Join Richard Houghton to ring in the New Year with beautiful images! Richard will guide you through how to set up a simple studio along with assisting each member to capture the fun with their own camera. We hope to see you there!

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January Contest Theme

Low Light Photography

Deadline:  Sunday, January 8 , 12 noon 

VOTING will be the same as our last meeting. About 24 hours before the meeting (Sunday evening), we will send out a MailChimp meeting reminder. This reminder will contain two Mini-Contest links: one that will lead you to the online gallery where you can view the entries and decide your favorite; and another link that will lead you to an online ballot where you can vote for your favorite. Balloting will remain open until 6:45 pm Monday. The winner will be announced during the meeting.

Remember to remove your "watermarks" from all submitted photos. You upload high-resolution jpeg images (up to 2 per member) with the word “Mini” in the file name, by clicking on this link and following instructions:


Deadline:  Sunday, January 8, 12 noon

Max Photos: 4

Submission of entries for the AUGUST SHARE & LEARN will be similar to previous meetings:  you can upload high-resolution jpeg imageswith the word “Slide” and a sequence number (Slide-1, Slide-2, etc) in the file name, by clicking on this link and following instructions:

As usual, we will present a slide show near the end of the virtual meeting, and you will have the opportunity to tell us about your images. Here is last month's Share and Learn slide show.

For questions contact Glenn Siegert at



For information and to join The Woodlands Photography Club, click the link below to go to the Membership Page. 

Our Club Thrives On The Efforts of Our Volunteers!

To meet The Woodlands Photography Club Leadership Team click the link below.

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